Opinions Matter

Most people value their own opinion above others. People judge others so quickly with their own opinions, which easily creates conflict and confusion between each other. People would call other people things and would decide who they are without getting to know them.

InsideResearch_627x330There are also others who value the opinion of others above theirs. They trust the judgment of others fearing that they are wrong. They believe that their beliefs and opinions are misguided. They don’t want the disapproval of other people. For them, being liked by other people matters more to them than the freedom of expressing their opinions.

Which of the two are you? Do you value your judgment or do you let others’ opinion outshine yours? Me? I am the former.

Having my own opinion is what makes me unique. But because it is my own opinion, I don’t force it to the throats of other people. I don’t want the same thing to happen to me. Usually, my opinion works but only to people who share the same thoughts as me or kinda just like me.

For me, I believe that nobody’s opinion is more important than the opinion of others. Well, except if the person is more informed about the topic compared to the rest. What I mean is a super informed guy. Someone who really knows a lot about something. For instance, the opinion of a doctor about a certain sickness holds weight over the opinion of a person who only based his belief on hearsays.

In the end, all I can say that not all opinions are created equally.

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