Better to Have Ants Than Not Have Them


I have this weird habit of leaving ants alone whenever I see them at home. I don’t see a problem if there are ants in my home, as long as they are not carpenter ants and they don’t threaten to destroy the place where I live comfortably. If the ants meet those requirements then I will respect their boundaries and I would never bother them. Sometimes, I even give them cubes of sugar thinking of them as my little pets.

But basically, the main reason why I don’t bother ants is the fact that ants work as my private army against all sorts of bugs and pests like termites. Ants predate on all sorts of bugs and any bug that comes across their path would instantly become “ant chow”! I have seen this countless of times already. I have seen ants devour a huge cockroach that was dumb enough to lie on its back. I have seen ants wage war against a colony of termites and won. I have seen ants chase away a centipede and a spider. Now, if I could see ants chase away rats then that would be something.

Having ants providing security to your may sound a good thing but I do know for a fact that ant protection is not perfect. I know that some bugs may be able to bypass their security, termites included. That is why we had our home protected against termites a couple of years ago. I called a termite Los Angeles to check our home and have it treated just to make sure no termites would come waltzin in our house.

If you have ants at your place, don’t automatically eradicate them. Think of it this way. Ants would need to eat something and it might be the bugs that may disturb you indoors or cause damage to your property. If you get rid of ants, those bugs would have nothing that will restrain them. So, it is better to have ants than not have them.

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