Our Favorite Sandwich is Not Everyone’s Favorite

Of course, we all have our favorite sandwich. For us, that sandwich is the best sandwich in the world and no other type of sandwich can satisfy us other than our favorite sandwich. Usually, we would think that everyone should have a taste of the best sandwich in the world, which would be our favorite one. Would love to make sure everyone gets this awesome sandwich and let the word spread out. If possible, we would rather have our favorite sandwich as the favorite sandwich of everyone.

However, I don’t think this is right. No matter how much you favor your favorite sandwich, that doesn’t mean your preference should be the preference of other people. Our individual taste would never be the same. Maybe other people would not like your favorite sandwich and of course, there’s also the possibility of you not liking the favorite sandwich of others.

Each and every person has their preference for a sandwich. For example, I love homemade sandwiches, especially grilled cheese (which is my most favorite) while my brother prefers sandwiches from Chicago fast food. There are also other people who prefer vegetarian sandwiches while others prefer to have meat on theirs or perhaps they prefer cold sandwiches over hot sandwiches or vice versa.

Okay, so here’s what you have to do. You can share what your favorite sandwich is to other people and tell them to try it, but never ever shove it down to their throat whether it is figuratively speaking or plain literally shoving the sandwich down their throat. You can also try the favorite sandwiches of other people. Who knows… you might end up tasting a f**king phenomenal sandwich.

Most of all, you have to respect other people. He or she may like a different sandwich compared to you, but that doesn’t mean he or she is inferior to you.

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