Dream for Christmas

Christmas Lighting Colorado

Christmas season is just a several days away and I know for sure a lot of people are very excited for this enjoyable season. Once Thanksgiving ends, many people would start decorating their homes in preparation for Christmas. Sooner or later, you would see various people putting up Christmas lights or hiring christmas lighting company services in order to put up lights and decoration for them. And then, you would see homes glittering and shining with Christmas light displays. Anywhere you would go, you would see decorations, decorations and lots of decorations.

To be honest, I am envious of those people who can put up a lot of decorations for Christmas, especially when they can light up their entire yard with displays. Sadly for me, I live in a small apartment and the only decorations I can put up is a small Christmas tree and a few tiny light bulbs to light up my Christmas tree. *sigh. I wish I have my own home with a huge yard so that I could put up tons of decorations for my neighbors to see. It would be a huge achievement, especially if neighbors would praise my decorations.

Each and every year, I would put up lots and lots of Christmas lights. I would create dazzling displays and would have different motif each and every year. I will have to make sure that my decorations would bring joy and excitement to those who would see it. I would add unique decorations like life size Santa Claus figures. If possible, I would put up animatronic displays.

Well for now, I have to be contented with what I have. A tiny Christmas tree and a few light bulbs is more than good enough to invoke the holiday spirit. Maybe, I’ll throw in a few decorations like Christmas balls, a Christmas wreath and a few Christmas socks. Wow, I can picture it out already. My apartment would surely look good this Christmas. Then I would invite some of my friends and enjoy champagne and good food together.

But take note, I am not giving up on my dream. I still want to have my own home and decorate it every year for Christmas. That’s why I am working hard. I want to save enough money to buy a house. And when that time comes, I would buy a lot of decorations and use it every time Christmas season comes.

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