Horrible Moving Experiences

I’ve been surfing the net and checking forums a lot for the past weeks. In one forum, there’s a discussion about member’s most horrible moving experience. They were interesting experience, so allow me to share some of them.

There’s this one post written by Doug from Alaska. According to him, he has moved over 20 times in his entire life. He also had interstate moves from Florida to Indiana, from Indiana to Texas and from Indiana to Alaska, which was his latest move and the most horrible one. He had a well-known moving company to help him with his move, and according to him, “It was a total nightmare…” It was very clear that Doug had a horrible moving experience because he failed to find a good moving company. We know it is very important to find a good movers when moving. Without it, moving will become more of a pain, which would lead to a nightmare.

However, StacyLee of Virginia had a different horrible experience – one that is not related to any moving company. According to her, it was supposed to be an easy move. She was moving 3 blocks away and set it up early to avoid any troubles. She even spent several days to pack up her things. But unfortunately, she was too exhausted for the move because of her previous engagements, which led to a difficult move. This happens when you don’t have a professional mover to assist you.

Another poster, Kodaka, had a different story. She and her family were moving from Missouri to Idaho. She was nine. Before the move, she ate some spoiled spaghetti without knowing it was spoiled. She was having stomach ache the entire move and her parents thought it was just a regular stomach ache. Her parents gave her Pepto Bismol but it didn’t do anything to relieve her problem. Instead, she ended up hurling the contents of her stomach all over the truck.

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