Horrible Moving Experiences

I’ve been surfing the net and checking forums a lot for the past weeks. In one forum, there’s a discussion about member’s most horrible moving experience. They were interesting experience, so allow me to share some of them.

There’s this one post written by Doug from Alaska. According to him, he has moved over 20 times in his entire life. He also had interstate moves from Florida to Indiana, from Indiana to Texas and from Indiana to Alaska, which was his latest move and the most horrible one. He had a well-known moving company to help him with his move, and according to him, “It was a total nightmare…” It was very clear that Doug had a horrible moving experience because he failed to find a good moving company. We know it is very important to find a good movers when moving. Without it, moving will become more of a pain, which would lead to a nightmare.

However, StacyLee of Virginia had a different horrible experience – one that is not related to any moving company. According to her, it was supposed to be an easy move. She was moving 3 blocks away and set it up early to avoid any troubles. She even spent several days to pack up her things. But unfortunately, she was too exhausted for the move because of her previous engagements, which led to a difficult move. This happens when you don’t have a professional mover to assist you.

Another poster, Kodaka, had a different story. She and her family were moving from Missouri to Idaho. She was nine. Before the move, she ate some spoiled spaghetti without knowing it was spoiled. She was having stomach ache the entire move and her parents thought it was just a regular stomach ache. Her parents gave her Pepto Bismol but it didn’t do anything to relieve her problem. Instead, she ended up hurling the contents of her stomach all over the truck.

Dream for Christmas

Christmas Lighting Colorado

Christmas season is just a several days away and I know for sure a lot of people are very excited for this enjoyable season. Once Thanksgiving ends, many people would start decorating their homes in preparation for Christmas. Sooner or later, you would see various people putting up Christmas lights or hiring christmas lighting company services in order to put up lights and decoration for them. And then, you would see homes glittering and shining with Christmas light displays. Anywhere you would go, you would see decorations, decorations and lots of decorations.

To be honest, I am envious of those people who can put up a lot of decorations for Christmas, especially when they can light up their entire yard with displays. Sadly for me, I live in a small apartment and the only decorations I can put up is a small Christmas tree and a few tiny light bulbs to light up my Christmas tree. *sigh. I wish I have my own home with a huge yard so that I could put up tons of decorations for my neighbors to see. It would be a huge achievement, especially if neighbors would praise my decorations.

Each and every year, I would put up lots and lots of Christmas lights. I would create dazzling displays and would have different motif each and every year. I will have to make sure that my decorations would bring joy and excitement to those who would see it. I would add unique decorations like life size Santa Claus figures. If possible, I would put up animatronic displays.

Well for now, I have to be contented with what I have. A tiny Christmas tree and a few light bulbs is more than good enough to invoke the holiday spirit. Maybe, I’ll throw in a few decorations like Christmas balls, a Christmas wreath and a few Christmas socks. Wow, I can picture it out already. My apartment would surely look good this Christmas. Then I would invite some of my friends and enjoy champagne and good food together.

But take note, I am not giving up on my dream. I still want to have my own home and decorate it every year for Christmas. That’s why I am working hard. I want to save enough money to buy a house. And when that time comes, I would buy a lot of decorations and use it every time Christmas season comes.

What I Learned About Engine Oil Additives

Just the other day, my friends and I were having a discussion about cars. Although I have no car for I prefer public transport to save money, I was still able to join the discussion because I have some knowledge about cars. This is thanks to the information I have gathered from various articles I have read and second hand information I got from other people. I guess you could say I am not ignorant about cars.

Everything was going well since we were able to voice our opinions and share the knowledge we had. Unfortunately, things got out of hand when one of my friends moved the topic to the best engine oil additive. They became stubborn with their opinions since they have different point of views when it comes to the best engine oil additive. This time, I can’t join their fiery arguments since I have no car and I have no information about oil additives.

When I came home that night, I became more interested about oil additives, especially when I saw my friends arguing about it. I turned on my laptop and began researching about oil additives.

It turns out there are different kinds of oil additives in the market and they are all claiming to be the best. They boast of the benefits they bring and have various convincing testimonials. I learned a lot from what I have read. I learned that oil additives may be natural or synthetic. I learned that the benefits range from improving the viscosity of the engine oil to reducing fuel consumption. I also learned that there are oil benefits that can clean the engine and while there are others that may bring harm to the engine instead. Wow. There’s so much I need to learn about engine oil additives. Maybe, by the time I buy my own car I might have decided which engine oil additive I would use.

Smart Business Owner

The owner of a hardware store is dismayed when a huge new hardware store opens up next door erecting a large sign saying, ‘Best Deals’. He’s even more horrified when another huge hardware store opens up on the other side of his store puttting up an even larger sign saying, ‘Lowest Prices’. The shopkeeper is panicked then has a bright idea. He puts a large sign over his own store saying, ‘Main Entrance’.

Why The Aggressiveness?

I noticed one particular thing about various businesses today. They have become very aggressive when it comes to marketing themselves or what they offer. One good example would be Denver Movers. In the past, moving companies rely on word of mouth, radio, print and TV advertising to get clients but now these companies would employ various marketing strategies just to get clients. They go online. They go to Facebook. They go to Twitter. They use YouTube. They even use SEO, link building and other scrupulous and unscrupulous online marketing methods just to get clients.

I don’t see anything wrong about this.

I am just quite surprised with the aggressiveness of these companies. It’s as if people are no longer planning to move, which is an impossible thing because people always move. I guess they have to be aggressive because of the fact that there are many companies with the same kind of service and niche these days. This led to having a stiff competition. If a company is not aggressive enough to market their wares, they might end up being left behind or stuck in the gutter without any chance of standing up again.

Competition may be the reason why some of these businesses get left behind but I don’t think it is a bad thing to businesses. Competition helps make businesses grow and improve themselves. Only those businesses who don’t improve themselves get left behind.

Even though being aggressive is not a bad thing, it can be quite annoying sometimes, especially when that ad keeps popping up when you have something even more important to do over the internet.

Fun Embarrassing Buffet Night

Last night, my boss treated the entire office to a buffet. Well, it was about time because it has been quite a long time since he did this not to count the Christmas party we had last year wherein he paid for everything.

I really thought it would be an excellently wonderful evening. We were going to be treated by our boss. A buffet may sound simple but everyone loves free food, which was why everyone at the office was in high spirits. He also chose a great place – with great food and comfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately, the “would be the excellently wonderful evening” was made embarrassing by a co-worker of mine.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad. But several of us wished he didn’t have to do those embarrassing things. While eating he jokingly complained a lot about the food not being perfect. The ribs were too salty. The soup was bland and taste like snot. The stir-fried noodle was dry. And many other complains. It was embarrassing, especially since other customers were able to hear him mutter.

It even became more embarrassing when he began with his funny childish antics and outburst of stupidity. Like a child, he took one of the balloons and started playing with it. After that, he started playing with the toothpicks and table napkins, then the glasses and the straws. He did them all, while other customers and employees could see us.

Worst of all, he began to flirt with some university students using my name. WOW! Afraid to use his own identity much!

But am I annoyed with this. No. To be honest, even though what he did was embarrassing, it was fun to be honest.


Why Moving To A New Home Is A Good Thing

Moving Company Reviews

A lot of people don’t relish the idea of moving. I can’t blame them. Moving to a new place and leaving your old life takes a lot of adjusting and adjusting is not an easy thing to do, especially since we always find ourselves reminiscing about our previous way of life, our friends and neighbors we have left behind as well as the previous environment we once enjoyed. But I believe, moving can be advantageous to, especially if you are moving to a newly built home.

So before you grudgingly tape your boxes and call moving packing service, try to understand my reasoning first.

Try to look at it this way. If you move to a newly built home, then you have the opportunity to personalize it as much as you want. Yes, you may put a personal touch on your previous home but there’s a limit to what you can do. But with a newly built home, sky is the limit! In other words, you can paint it as much as you want. Reorganize is as much as you want. Or refurbish it as much as you want. Of course, if you have enough money for it. If you don’t then boohooooo you just have to put up with your new but lame looking home.

If you move to a newly built home, you would have fewer worries when it comes to maintenance. After all, everything with your newly build home is new. It has new plumbing. It has new electric system. It has new air ducts. It has a new cooling and heating system. It has new paint. It has new roofing. And if everything is new, then there would be zero traces of wear and tear not like in pre-owned homes or apartments wherein the plumbing is not working properly! ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME! DAMN THOSE LANDLORDS OF MINE!

Best thing of having a new home is the so-called “new smell”. Ahhh breathing this would surely put a smile on your face.

Our Favorite Sandwich is Not Everyone’s Favorite

Of course, we all have our favorite sandwich. For us, that sandwich is the best sandwich in the world and no other type of sandwich can satisfy us other than our favorite sandwich. Usually, we would think that everyone should have a taste of the best sandwich in the world, which would be our favorite one. Would love to make sure everyone gets this awesome sandwich and let the word spread out. If possible, we would rather have our favorite sandwich as the favorite sandwich of everyone.

However, I don’t think this is right. No matter how much you favor your favorite sandwich, that doesn’t mean your preference should be the preference of other people. Our individual taste would never be the same. Maybe other people would not like your favorite sandwich and of course, there’s also the possibility of you not liking the favorite sandwich of others.

Each and every person has their preference for a sandwich. For example, I love homemade sandwiches, especially grilled cheese (which is my most favorite) while my brother prefers sandwiches from Chicago fast food. There are also other people who prefer vegetarian sandwiches while others prefer to have meat on theirs or perhaps they prefer cold sandwiches over hot sandwiches or vice versa.

Okay, so here’s what you have to do. You can share what your favorite sandwich is to other people and tell them to try it, but never ever shove it down to their throat whether it is figuratively speaking or plain literally shoving the sandwich down their throat. You can also try the favorite sandwiches of other people. Who knows… you might end up tasting a f**king phenomenal sandwich.

Most of all, you have to respect other people. He or she may like a different sandwich compared to you, but that doesn’t mean he or she is inferior to you.

Better to Have Ants Than Not Have Them


I have this weird habit of leaving ants alone whenever I see them at home. I don’t see a problem if there are ants in my home, as long as they are not carpenter ants and they don’t threaten to destroy the place where I live comfortably. If the ants meet those requirements then I will respect their boundaries and I would never bother them. Sometimes, I even give them cubes of sugar thinking of them as my little pets.

But basically, the main reason why I don’t bother ants is the fact that ants work as my private army against all sorts of bugs and pests like termites. Ants predate on all sorts of bugs and any bug that comes across their path would instantly become “ant chow”! I have seen this countless of times already. I have seen ants devour a huge cockroach that was dumb enough to lie on its back. I have seen ants wage war against a colony of termites and won. I have seen ants chase away a centipede and a spider. Now, if I could see ants chase away rats then that would be something.

Having ants providing security to your may sound a good thing but I do know for a fact that ant protection is not perfect. I know that some bugs may be able to bypass their security, termites included. That is why we had our home protected against termites a couple of years ago. I called a termite Los Angeles to check our home and have it treated just to make sure no termites would come waltzin in our house.

If you have ants at your place, don’t automatically eradicate them. Think of it this way. Ants would need to eat something and it might be the bugs that may disturb you indoors or cause damage to your property. If you get rid of ants, those bugs would have nothing that will restrain them. So, it is better to have ants than not have them.

Oh! Little Johnny

20826-620x-coicentA teacher in New York City wanted to see how many animals the city kids in her fourth-grade class could identify. She drew a picture of a cow on the blackboard and said, “Who can tell me what this is?” A little girl raised her hand. “Yes, Janie, what do you think it is?” “It’s a cow, teacher.” “Very good, Janie,” said the teacher. Then she drew a picture of a pig, and a little boy answered correctly. She drew several other barnyard animals and was unable to stump the class. Finally, she decided to try something a little more difficult. She drew a stag with a large spread of antlers. The kids just stared, but nobody offered an answer. “I’ll give you a hint,” said the teacher. “What does your mommy call your daddy when she’s trying to be ‘lovey-dovey’?” Instantly, little Johnny raised his hand and said, “Ooh, ooh!, I know, Teacher. It’s a big horny bastard!”